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When the world goes “green”, brands have the blues. 

Because they believe that to be sustainable is to be less desirable.
That responsibility rhymes badly with profitability.
That with certain words — net zero, ethical, ecological — we put limits on them above all else. 

What if it was different? 

What if a circular business model increased our market value?
If our products federated crowds for what they say, and especially what they do?
If we could sell better, knowing how to give back?
If it is by committing to the climate that our opportunities jumped?
If, basically, we chose what makes sense for our environment, and that was precisely what affected the most people? 

When we are no longer afraid of losing, we have everything to gain.

Groupe Ecomarque: marketing durable et communication responsable
Groupe Ecomarque: l'équipe senior de marketeurs responsables

Who are we?

Seniors marketers. Professionals who believe in ethical communication. Like you.
Leaders in our industry. People who have seen a lot, and who have above all learned. Marketers who love business, who love communication, and who support Life.

We provide support in all your marketing projects, without the pitfalls of greenwashing.

We are the marketers who have the ethics at heart to make sustainability a market called desire. More than trends, we create relevance. Because the brands we lead are building the world we will live in.

We are there on demand, from the business plan to the action plan. There to reassure you. To guide you. To challenge you. And get out of the confusion to help you become a brand that contributes to the future, right now.

We are Ecomarque..
Your change marketers.        


Founder and President

With over 20 years of unique experience in Marketing and E-Commerce, Valérie Vedrines is a visionary senior executive. Having held positions as Vice President of Marketing and E-Commerce within fashion, retail, cosmetics and food giants, she stands out for her innovative, audacious and unprecedented marketing approach.

Recognized for her talent in repositioning brands and creating impactful differentiation, Valérie ardently defends the competitiveness of Canadian brands. But beyond the numbers, she is committed to having a positive impact on society through each of her actions.​

Rewarded many times for her committed marketing campaigns, she was crowned Marketing Personality of the Year in 2021. Above all, she is delighted to have positively influenced the fashion industry by further celebrating diversity and inclusion.

Passionate and expert in her industry, Valérie created the non-profit collective "Masse Critique", working for the social and environmental transformation of the communication and marketing industry in Quebec.​

Today, her determination is stronger than ever. She aspires to reinvent marketing for a sustainable and responsible approach. Her vision is to provide the Quebec comm-marketing industry with the necessary tools to reduce its environmental and social impact, while creating significant value for the ecosystem.​
With this in mind, Valérie created Groupe Ecomarque, an agency of change marketers ready to do everything possible to assist brands in their marketing projects, avoiding the pitfalls of greenwashing.​

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Masse Critique and member of the Boards of Directors of “Produits du Québec” and “Nets For Net Zero”, Valérie Vedrines is a leading figure in responsible and committed marketing.

Valerie Vedrines Présidente du Groupe Ecomarque
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