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Discover the real impact of your marketing campaigns and actions thanks to our in-depth analyses. We measure data, identify opportunities and reveal levers for sustainable performance.

  • Assessment of your current practices: GHG calculation of your campaigns, stereotype analysis in your content

  • Marketing studies: Customer analysis, benchmarks, competitive analysis, market opportunities

  • Impact measures: Marketing & Socio-environmental aspects of your communication actions

Groupe Ecomarque: Votre transition. Pas de confusion.
Groupe Ecomarque: Le marketing, sans greenwashing



Let us help you develop an innovative strategic plan that seamlessly integrates your environmental, social impact and financial performance. With a 360° vision, we create a roadmap towards responsible excellence.

  • Strategic plan: Your success depends on a clear vision and a solid strategic plan. Let's work together to develop a comprehensive plan that aligns your business goals with your responsible future. We combine performance and responsibility to make your company an example to follow.

  • Brand strategy and positioning: Your brand is the essence of your success. With our expertise, develop or refine brand strategies that define your positioning with brilliance. Create a unique value proposition that resonates with your target audience and captures hearts and minds.

  • Evolution of your 360 marketing strategy: The world is changing, and so is your marketing strategy. Evolve your approach to embrace responsibility with confidence. Our advice and meticulous support guide you towards a strategy that aligns with your business objectives while respecting the environment and society.



Take your brand to new heights with our impactful marketing campaigns. Captivate your consumers with engaging messages and effectively educate internally to unite your teams around the positive impact. Every action is a step towards a sustainable future.

  • Development of marketing campaigns: We design and run integrated campaigns across multiple channels: traditional and digital media, social media and customer experience. Increase your brand awareness, engage your audiences and turn them into enthusiastic ambassadors. Each campaign comes with the measurement of their carbon footprints.

  • Responsible communication: Communicate with a responsible soul. Our advice and support guide you to communicate authentically and transparently, without greenwashing. Make your voice a force to inspire, engage and make a difference.

  • Awareness and education:Let's change mentalities together. Through conferences, training and workshops, you will transform your Com-Marketing team, your Board of Directors and your Management Committee into ambassadors of responsible marketing. Understand the positive impact your business has on the environment and society, and inspire others to follow in your footsteps.

Groupe Ecomarque: Votre communication. Responsabilité. et Rentabilité.


At Groupe Ecomarque, we can support you on special projects related to your environmental and social commitments.

Our consulting services cover a wide range of sustainability marketing needs and we work closely with you to ensure your sustainability marketing goals are met.

Contact us today to take advantage of our services!

Ethical verification of advertising content 

At a time when the environmental and social impact of companies is at the center of concerns, it is essential to ensure that each element of communication reflects responsible and ethical values.


That's why we're proud to introduce our Advertising Content Review Service.

Our service is aimed at companies and brands wishing to broadcast advertising messages while avoiding any risk of greenwashing. Greenwashing is the use of misleading terms and claims that imply a strong environmental commitment, when the reality is quite different. We understand that you want to convey sincere and authentic values, and that's where we come in.

How does our service work ?

  • In-Depth Assessment: Our team of experts scrutinize every element of your advertising content, whether it's slogans, product descriptions or sustainability claims. We make sure that the terms used are clear, truthful and in line with the real actions of your company.

  • Comparative analysis : We perform benchmarking to verify that the terms used in your content meet industry standards and are not likely to mislead environmentally conscious consumers.

  • Specific Recommendations: After our assessment, we provide you with specific recommendations to adjust your content so that it honestly and transparently reflects your ecological and social initiatives. Our goal is to help you create advertising messages that build trust and loyalty with your customers.

  • Ongoing Support: We are here to support you throughout the process. Whether you have questions, need clarifications or assistance in implementing the recommended adjustments, our team remains at your disposal.

Advertising EcoAudit: Traceability and reduction of GHG emissions

In the era of environmental responsibility, it is imperative for companies to understand and reduce their carbon footprint at all levels of their operations. This also includes advertising campaigns, which have a direct impact on the environment through the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated.


That's why we are proud to present our Advertising EcoAudit Service.

Our service is aimed at companies wishing to measure and minimize the environmental impact of their advertising campaigns. We understand the importance of communicating transparently with your customers while adopting sustainable practices. That's where we come in to help you achieve those goals.

How does our service work ?

  • Full Analysis: Our team of experts performs an in-depth analysis of your advertising campaigns, evaluating each step, from conception to distribution. We identify the sources of GHG emissions associated with your advertising activities.

  • Carbon Footprint Measurement: Using proven calculation methods, we estimate the carbon footprint of your advertising campaigns. This includes the evaluation of emissions related to the production of publicity material, online distribution, travel and other relevant factors.

  • Report and Recommendations: After analyzing your campaigns, we provide you with a detailed report on the GHG emissions generated by each of them. This report will highlight areas where improvements can be made to reduce environmental impact.

  • Mitigation Strategies: Our team offers concrete recommendations to reduce GHG emissions from your advertising campaigns. This can include adopting more sustainable materials, optimizing delivery channels, and other approaches to minimizing your carbon footprint.

  • Continuous Monitoring: We provide ongoing monitoring to assess the effectiveness of the mitigation strategies put in place and to help you maintain your environmental commitments over time.

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